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​​Thanks for your interest in the NMRR.


  • To get access to the NMRR, send an e-mail to, from your company, government or military mail account. Gmail, Hotmail and such e-mail accounts are not accepted.
  • In the mail simply state you want access to the NMRR.
  • If you can, also indicate your reason to access the NMRR, and to what information you require access.


  • You will receive an invitation to register in your e-mail box. The link in the mail leads to a form to select a password, and fill required details. Details include a sponsor name and e-mail address. Your sponsor must be a national POC, government or military sponsor. If you are involved in a NATO standardization group, the group chair or secretary could also sponsor your request.
    • If you fail to fill in the form, the link will expire. In that case please send us another mail at, and you will be invited again.
    • ​On successful sending of your details, we will check your request with your sponsor, and where necessary with a national POC. In the mean time you will receive an automated mail that your request is accepted. You are able to login to the NMRR, but will not yet have access to the non-public contents.
  • ​Once we receive approval from your sponsor or national POC, you will be given permissions to view some or all content of the NMRR, depending on your need to know.
  • You will be informed by email about your access to the site.

If you have any questions, please mail us at ​

Press OK to confirm that you have read and understood the SecOPs document below. If you don't confirm it, you are not allowed to browse this site.